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Just over five months after the deadly Charlottesville protests, both Confederate and rainbow flags flew over Lexington, Va. as two different groups celebrated the Lee-Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr. holidays.

For the Episcopal Church, the Charlottesville rallies created an opportunity to exercise the church's new project on racial reconciliation. 

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RDR: Haitian-American women in Boston experiencing domestic abuse are reluctant to report on their offenders.

NEWSCAST: These stories aired as part of a typical daily newscast in the summer of 2015. 

The church where Confederate General Robert E. Lee attended during his time in Lexington will no longer bear his name, as of a vote by the vestry of R. E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church -- or, Grace Episcopal Church, as it is now called.


As politics become increasingly polarized, many people are avoiding debates entirely. But for one new group in Rockbridge County – that’s the whole point.

Every year, hundreds of tourists flock to Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery to pay respects to the old Confederate general. Few visitors are aware of the graveyard on the other side of town – or its storied legacy. 

A new community center in Lexington is welcoming all self-described hobbyists, tinkerers and creators to come together and make.