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Faith E. Pinho

Hailing from the greater Boston area, I am a journalist who seeks to inform with engaging, well-represented stories. I have written and produced newscasts for WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station; created a mini documentary for Everett Community Television; covered stories and published opinion pieces for my college paper and more.


My story begins at age five, on the porch of a Nova Scotia vacation home. My family had traveled there by a big white van and a ferry and we were staying in a secluded wooden cabin, one winding gravel road away from civilization. One night, my parents went out for dinner, leaving me in the care of my older siblings. My sister gave me a pen and notebook and told me to sit on the porch and write. And so I did.


Ever since that summer, I’ve been writing—obsessed with it, consumed by it, defined by it. Today, I am pursuing a double major in Journalism and Politics at Washington & Lee University.


In addition to journalism, I still indulge in the occasional poem or creative piece. I find that nothing soothes me more than a pen sitting comfortably in the crook of my hand, scratching away on a piece of paper.


All of it – the newspaper articles, the audio and video clips, the poetry – can be found here. Take a look!




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